• PEC 300 is an extension cable with an effective length of 250mm and is used for establishing an external connection with a graphic card.
  • Standard PCI-E 16X 164-pins slot for both ends.
  • High quality non-oxidized copper wire is used for the ribbon cable.
  • Anti-EM shielding is provided in the form of a shielding layer and a fiber-based protection layer to improve signal stability and structural strength.
  • The metallic shielding provided on the socket further reduces ribbon damage that may cause by data transmission.
  • PEC 300 is applicable for the QUADSTELLAR / GENOME II / NEW ARK 90 series case.


  • Overall Dimension: 298x139x18mm
  • Line length: 250mm
  • Net Weight: 0.13kg
  • Interface Support: PCI Express 16X
  • Products Support: QUADSTELLAR / GENOME / NEW ARK 90 / Follow-up Products
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